To Protect
human health
and to improve
life quality



BioDPC was founded by Bülent Pulak in 1993 as the exclusive distributor of USA based company Diagnostics Products Corporation (DPC). From its foundation in 1971 to 2006, DPC succeeded to remain as the world’s leading independent manufacturer of immunodiagnostic products. Immulite, the first automated immunoassay device developed by DPC has been a breakthrough worldwide.

In 2005, we were selected as "The Most Successful and the Largest Distributor" among DPC's worldwide distributor companies.

Our DPC distribution agreement with DPC ended in 2008 following the acquisition of DPC by Siemens in 2006.

In 1998 we became the first distributor company of USA based manufacturer IRIS Diagnostics Co. Worldwide.

IRIS developed the first '' Full Automatic Urine Analysis System '' using the Auto-Particle Recognition technology which revolutionized 'Urine Sediment & Microscopy Automation' field. After the distribution agreement with IRIS in 1998, BioDPC was the first company to offer this system outside of the USA.

Thanks to our successful works, we have been selected by IRIS as the “Distributor of the Year 2004”

Our IRIS distribution agreement with IRIS Diagnostics Co. ended in 2016 after IRIS was acquired by Beckman Coulter in 2012.

As BioDPC team, we are working hard to offer a portfolio of products with added value in diagnostics field by closely monitoring the astonishing developments, consolidations, and regulations that take place in our industry.

In the beginning of 2017, we made a radical change in our organizational structure in order to pass on the experience and knowledge we have gained throughout years to future generations as well as to direct the future of our company.

In this manner;

Our Mission: Being the most admired and trusted diagnostic company of Turkey offering accurate and high-quality service.

Our Vision: To have at least one diagnostic instrument we represent in each of our medical diagnostic laboratories in Turkey.

Our Target: To ensure Turkish physicians dedicated to the protection of human health and quality of life receive the fastest and the most accurate laboratory test results.